The following payment methods are available

⚫︎Credit Card Payment
【Types of Credit Cards Accepted】

Our website uses a security system called SSL. All of your important credit card information is transmitted in encrypted form.

【Please note】

●For security reasons, we do not, in principle, send credit card transaction receipts. For security reasons, we do not send a credit card statement.

●Depending on your usage, you may be asked to change to another payment method.

●If you are paying by credit card, we will ask you to authorize your card on the site when you place your order. Please note that your card will not be used and your order will not be confirmed until this approval is obtained.


【Bank Transfer】

■Japan Net Bank

Payment must be made within 5 business days to the account indicated in the order confirmation email sent after the order is placed. We will ship it out upon confirmation of payment. Please note that you will be responsible for the transfer fee. If payment is not received by the payment due date, the order will be automatically cancelled.